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A Cat's Life brings cats into the land of Skyrim in a way no mod has before. You will find both domesticated and stray cats roaming the streets of the major cities and some smaller villages. Adopt a cat by earning its trust or purchase a furry companion from one of two stores. A Cat's Life comes packed with features, all controllable via MCM.

Some of the mod's key features include adopting cats through a stance system, purchasing cats from a cat store, feeding your cats alongside a basic needs system, giving your cat a name, purchasing cat collars or beds and much more. The mod can be tailored to suit your needs.



A Cat's Life comes with a compatibility patch for Open Cities as many of the cats are placed in the major cities. Additionally, to match up with the needs system, there are patches for Realistic Needs & Diseases and iNeed to replace the water in the mod with the correct items from those mods. I've also added patches for Better Roads as there's some clipping outside of Melvin's store. Further patches may be created in the future and possibly provided by other members of the community.

The two stores have been placed outside of the two major cities they are located near and I've done my best to keep them away from all major city overhaul mods which touch the same areas that the stores are based in. The stores are in Whiterun (next to the Honningbrew Meadery) and just outside the main gate of Riften. The courier will mark these on your map when he passes you a letter at the start of the mod.


A huge thanks go to my partner simsim899, for the continued support of my modding ventures and having the patience to deal with my modding addiction.

For providing the incredible voice acting for the two store owners, I would like to thank CouchWarriorTV for adding some amazing character to the NPCs in the mod. Check out his content as he's one of the greatest video content creators for Skyrim I've seen.

I must also drop a massive thanks to a good friend of mine Phayntom who has been a source of encouragement and laughter during some difficult times as I developed the mod.

Of course, a big thanks also go to my Discord Community and especially my Patrons for helping to support my Skyrim and live streaming endeavours. I wouldn't still be doing any of this without you all.

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