Destroy the Dark Brotherhood and acquire Shadowmere at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus

Alright, so you decided that murder and mayhem isn't for you.Decided to do the "right thing" but disappointed that you can't acquire what is probably the best, no scrub that the very best horse in Skyrim?Well now you can. Lucien Lachance bequeathed his stead to his successors as the leaders of the DB but how did he do it? Did he leave some tangible artifact that lets you acquire the beast? Well it seems he did, only you must have missed it previously!

Once you get the orders to take out the Dark Brotherhood from Commander Maro you can acquire the beast but you'll have to retrieve the "Deed of Shadowmere" left to future leaders of the Dark Brotherhood by Lucien Lachance, currently in the posession of Arnbjorn who is Astrid's partner!

So what do I have to do?

Head over to the Dark Brotherhood's hideout near Falkreath. Once you get near the door you should get a message onscreen that the mod has been activated. Then head on inside and kill Arnbjorn and retrieve the Deed of Shadowmere from him. Or loot his corpse if you've taken him out previously. Or pickpocket him, that works too.  Then head outside and you should see Shadowmere arise from the dead! Or wherever it is he arises from, either way he shows up in the Black Pool as per usual.

Having trouble? Take a look at this HD video (mod activation message appears top left at 2:27)

So how does it work?

There is an invisible triggerbox outside the sanctuary that once you've reached a certain quest stage on a DB quest makes Shadowmere appear and plays some special FX at the same time. I simply added an extra section that alternatively checks to see if you've reached a certain stage on the "Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!" quest and that you've also acquired the Deed of Shadowmere from Arnbjorn's person, be he dead or alive. Its very lightweight it simply adds a note (the deed) and modifies a vanilla script. Thats it.

So why did you make it?

Eh, I was disappointed with the reward for destroying the dark brotherhood, a measly 3000 septims and a thank you from Maro. There ought to more of a reward and since you've killed them and taken their possessions why not take their horse too? Thats actually a useful reward.

Dude, why did you choose to destroy them? The DB is awesome!

Hmm thats a whole other debate in itself. Lets just say that some playable characters are moral good and some plain evil. I like to have to have the choice without Bethesda deciding for me with at least some tangible reward for doing "the right thing", why should the bad guys only ever get the good stuff?!

I want to tell you you're wrong! I'm going to post a really long post on the comments section and tell you so!

Please don't, I'm really not interested. Don't be surprised if it gets removed especially if an argument breaks out. Take it somewhere else!


Fun fact: The vanilla objective index in the CK for when Shadowmere appears is "666". Which of course is the "Mark of the Beast" in the biblical Book of Revelation. At least someone at Bethesda has a sense of humour.


Have a problem? Take a look here.


Then look for Arnbjorn!

Q: I've already destroyed the DB! Does that mean I have to start over again?!

A: You shouldn't have to, if you've already killed them head inside and look for Arnbjorn's corpse inside it doesn't despawn in vanilla, at least it doesn't in mine.

Q: Theres no "Deed of Shadowmere!" and he doesn't show up!

A: Did you speak to Commander Maro? He should have given you the "honour" of destroying the DB yourself. Until you do that the option to acquire Shadowmere will not be available. Open the console and type:
SQV DBdestroy
it should state Quest Stage 30 or higher. You also need to make sure the "Destroy the Dark Brotherhood acquire Shadowmere activated!" message has appeared onscreen (outside the Falkreath sanctuary). Message will appear only once! Then head on inside and look for Arnbjorn or his corpse and search it/him for the deed.

Q: Its still not working! Arnbjorn's disappeared!

A: Ok, add a copy of the deed manually by opening the console and type player.additem xx000D63 1 where "xx" is the load order of this mod then head outside the DB sanctuary Shadowmere should show up then.

Q: Dude, still nothing!

A: Ok, ok, completely cheat by opening the console and type this while outdoors (not in a city!):
prid 9CCD8
addfac db1 0
moveto player

There won't be any pretty special FX but its better than nothing eh?

Q: Ok so why not just give us the console commands in the first place without all this mod crap?!

A: Man thats boring!