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Makes Meeko, Vigilance, and Stray Dog into huskies. Eliminates most barking. Dogs will be silent while sneaking.

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1. Meeko, Vigilance, and Stray Dogs are now huskies, and have appropriate stats.

2. Dogs will only bark while sitting (i.e when you interact with them).  This applies to all dogs.

3. When they do bark, the sound is quieter and lower pitched.  This applies to all dogs.

4. Dogs will be totally silent (except footsteps) while you are in stealth mode - no barks, whines, scratches, panting, sniffing, etc.  Once again, this applies to all dogs.

This mod is compatible with anything that doesn't modify these three NPCs or the dog sounds, including multiple follower mods etc.  Redundant with other mods that change bark idles.